Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions show the lawful holding between the site and the clients. It is critical to peruse and comprehend it before utilizing our services or prior to accessing our website. Incorporated explicit guidelines and rules should also be perused.

The Service that we offer

We offer services such as printer setup, installation guide and troubleshooting instructions to our users. Avail the best service that you need for your printing device.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy becomes a significant piece of terms and conditions and it is about the technique of information accumulation, exchange and procedures to verify the data collected from the users. The information gathered from the users incorporate individual data, for example, the name, email ID and password which is quite secured with us. Additionally, payment information related to credit card or PayPal details are also collected.


Strict laws and guidelines are accessible to forestall the misuse or danger that may emerge. Any data or the information about miscreants will be given over to the concerned experts if there is a necessity. No data or information will be given without a prior consultation with the users of the website unless in legal matters.

Copyrights or Trademarks

It isn’t suitable to share the information or data accessible on our website or use it for individual use. It is additionally proposed not to impart the information to any third-party associations.


All the progressions that we make for the terms and conditions and the privacy policies will be accessible on our website or will be known to the corresponding authorities without prior notice.

We strictly recommend you to peruse and comprehend the terms and conditions and privacy policies. To get more updates or to know more, you can explore our website or read the data given herein. Address our expert agents to learn more about the updates.