HP Printer Drivers for Windows 10

You can always set your computer to update HP Printer Drivers Windows 10 automatically. Just confirm that it is linked to the internet to perform the updates. Your driver updates can be visualized at:

  • Updates & Security -> Windows Update Settings -> Check for updates

Any available update will start installing instantly. To effectuate the updates, just restart the computer or else visit us on HP Printers Drivers

Types of Windows Updates on HP

  • There are different types of updates available on Windows for HP
  • To secure your computer from all online threats, there are Security Updates that are extremely crucial
  • Windows experiences are improved when the Windows Bug Fixes and Enhancements are updated
  • Finally, there is the HP Printer Drivers Windows 10 updates that are usually optional because the OS performs them anyway
  • You can always manually check if your computer is still up to date

Troubleshooter for Windows Update

  • Resolve all your HP Printer Drivers Windows 10 update issues with the help of the Windows Update Troubleshooter
  • This particularly resolves the error code 0x8024 – When you download, just ensure that both the computer and the troubleshooter’s versions match
  • Best practice recommends that you restart the device after installing the update
  • Check for new updates with:
    • Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update -> Check for updates

Fixing Errors Manually

Any errors that you encounter with the HP Printer Drivers Windows 10 update, can also be fixed manually

  • Use the guided walk-through tool to fix the error
  • You may also have to free up some drive space on your computer
  • Running low on space can stall some important updates in Windows
  • Low disk space errors could occur if your Temp Folder is full
  • Remove all the .appx files that fill up fast and used by the Microsoft Store
  • If storage space is full, then do the following:
    • Start -> Settings -> System -> Storage -> Storage Sense -> Free up space now
  • Windows will identify the files that are taking up the most space and provides you with a list
  • Just choose the items that you want to trash and choose Remove Files
HP Printers Drivers

HP Printers Drivers

Built-in HP Printer Drivers Windows 10

  • For different types of printers, Windows consists of built-in drivers that support most of the basic functions
  • Which means you can still accomplish some fundamental print jobs
  • A full feature driver is always available on HP’s website to achieve optimum printer functionality
  • But if you do not wish to use the software, you can always install the printer using the driver that is built into the Windows OS

Using the built-in driver

  • Do not connect the cable to the printer and computer just as yet with a USB cable
  • Click on the Windows icon on your computer and in the Search field look for Change Device Installation Settings
  • Choose the option from the list and in the next screen, click on the radio button against Yes, do this automatically (recommended)
  • Thereafter, click on Save Changes and connect the printer and computer

Note: Users have to ensure that both the devices are on a similar wireless network

  • If you do not have a wireless connection, perform a setup from the printer’s Control Panel -> Wireless Setup Wizard
  • Now, use the USB cable to connect the printer and the computer (square end = Printer and flat end = computer)
  • Windows identifies the new connection and then performs the HP Printer Drivers Windows 10 process automatically
  • Follow any instructions for update on the Found New Hardware Wizard screen
  • Finally, print a test page to see if the installation is complete

Using the Add a Printer wizard

  • Open the Control Panel on the computer, and then select Devices and Printers -> Add a Printer
  • You will navigate to the Choose a Device or Printer to Add to This PC screen from where simply select your printer’s name
  • Thereafter, click on Next to execute any instructions that you visualize on the screen
  • When you do not find your relevant printer on the screen, then choose
    • The Printer I Want Isn’t Listed -> Add a Local Printer or Network Printer with Manual Settings -> Next
  • Select the port against which the printer is connected such as the USB001
  • After click on Next, just choose Windows Update to perform the HP Printer Drivers Windows 10 update
  • Then select as follows:
    • Manufacturer Pane -> HP / Hewlett-Packard / Hewlett Packard -> Printers Pane -> Choose your printer’s name
  • Follow on-screen instructions if you find your printer after clicking on Next

For any difficulties updating your HP Printer Drivers Windows 10 just by Reading HP Support Number or call our experts for guidance +1-844-838-8110.

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