About the HP DesignJet T120 Printer

  • This printer can function only printing
  • Print technology is a HP thermal inkjet
  • There are four cartridges supported; they are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
  • Software compatibility is HP click, HP DesignJet utility for Mac and the Windows

What is inside the package?

  • HP DesignJet T120
  • Printhead
  • Ink cartridges
  • Quick reference guide
  • Set up poster
  • Power cord

How do I Make the HP DesignJet T120 Setup?

HP DesignJet T120 Setup

HP DesignJet T120 Setup

Connecting the Hardware to the HP DesignJet T120 Printer

  • Hook up the power cord to the printer
  • Then hook the other end of the power cable to the power outlet on the wall
  • Ensure that there are no fluctuations on the power, because it may cause damage to the printer

Basic Settings on the HP DesignJet T120 Printer

  • Once the printer is turned on, you will receive the welcome notification
  • Then it will suggest you complete the necessary settings
  • Enter the language, location, and time&date to the printer

Load the Ink Cartridges to the HP DesignJet T120

  • make sure that you have got the four ink cartridges with the package
  • Open the ink carriage access door, and wait until it becomes idle
  • Then peel the packaging material carefully on the cartridge
  • Hold the cartridge carefully
  • Insert the black color cartridge to its slot
  • Follow the same steps to all the cartridge
  • Once this process is done, close the ink cartridge access door

Load the papers to the HP DesignJet T120

  • Insert the bunch full of papers on the input tray
  • Also, note the input capacity before you load the paper

Wireless network connection without the router to HP DesignJet T120

  • Navigate to the settings on the control panel
  • Enter the direct wireless option and enable it
  • You can find the direct wireless option on the wireless wizard settings
  • Then you need to enter the credentials like the password to get configured to the network
  • Check that the light blinks on the direct Wi-Fi option
  • After the wireless connection, you can get the notification to update the software on the printer panel

Steps to Download the Driver to HP DesignJet T120

  • Turn on the printer and the computer
  • Insert the CD that is provided with the package
  • You will get the list of the software
  • Choose the latest updated software
  • Download the driver from the CD
  • Choose the downloaded driver from the list and proceed to install it on the printer

How to Add the Printer to the Windows?

  • Select the start option and navigate to the settings
  • Choose the devices option
  • Select the printers and scanners option
  • Wait until the search is over
  • Choose your printer from the list and add the printer to the system

How to Add the Printer to the Mac?

  • To add the printer to the mac, tap the mac icon on the system
  • Then choose the system option and open it
  • Select the printers and scanners based on the operating system
  • Check that the +symbol is visible on the left side
  • You will get the list of available printers
  • Choose your printer name from the list and add it to the system

Troubleshooting Issues on the HP DesignJet T120 Setup

  • If your printer is not printing, check that there are any connectivity issues, also make sure that the level of the ink cartridges is low. It may also cause the printer settings. Make sure that the installed driver is compatible with your printer. Also, look at the network connection on the printer and check that there are any improper connections on the hardware settings
  • If your printer is not connecting to the wireless network, check that there is any issue in entering the SSID name and entering the WEP. Also, attach your router to some other device and check that there is the correct signal on the router
  • Moreover, if your printer goes offline regularly, check that the offline mode is enabled on the printer, if yes then disable the offline mode and try the printing

Final step

  • If the above-given steps are not working, it is best to restart the computer as well as the printer

For more details on the HP DesignJet T120 setup, get the tips and tricks from our professional experts by contacting the toll-free number +1-844-838-8110 or visit 123.hp.com/setup.

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