Connecting HP Printer to Wi-Fi

  • If you have been struggling on how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi, then read below which will be helpful in setting up your wireless printer
  • Before we proceed, let’s check out the basic setup of HP Printers after which you can move on with the internet connection.

Initial Printer Setup

Commence the wireless network activation after finishing up the hardware setup by following the instructions given below.

  • At first, you need to unbox the printer properly and keep the printer accessories in a safer place
  • Now connect the power adapter between the printer and a direct electrical outlet to acquire sufficient power
  • Turn on the printer and verify the power connections and move on to the Control panel settings
  • You will be prompted to choose the date, time, language and country/region after which you have to perform the ink cartridge setup
  • Open the cartridge access door to install the printer cartridges, black and color ink as well
  • Check whether cartridges snap in its place and insert the stack of papers right away
  • Make sure that the papers you insert doesn’t crumble and place them in a way that the paper width glides clasps the paper edges
  • After that verify that all the hardware settings are proper and get ready for setting up the printer on a wireless network.

How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi?

Hp printer support

Hp printer support

Nitty-gritty of Wi-Fi Connection

  • Check whether the below-given items are available for connecting the printer to the Wi-Fi network
  • Service Set Identifier (SSID) which is informally called as the network name of your wireless network
  • WEP Key or WPA passphrase also called as the wireless network password
  • Connect your computer to the same wireless network in which you are going to connect the HP Printer
  • In the case of a wireless network, it is suggested to prefer the broadband internet access like DSL which will not be a concern while downloading the essential web services and updated software for printers
  • Detach the USB or Ethernet cable from your printer which will hinder the Wi-Fi signals and get ready to connect the HP Printer to Wi-Fi.

Connecting HP Printer to Wi-Fi Connection

  • Power up your HP printer and computer in which you are going to install the printer software
  • You can make use of the wireless setup wizard to complete the wireless setup in minutes
  • Scrutinize the control panel to find the Wireless icon and click it to proceed
  • The Wireless Summary dialog box appears in which you have to click the Settings followed by Wireless Setup Wizard
  • Tag along with the directives that display on the control panel to conclude the wireless network connection on a successful note.

Software Installation

  • You might be perplexed about the next step after connecting the HP Printer to Wi-Fi connection and here is what you have to do and how you can perform it simply
  • Also, remember that this is the final step in connecting the HP Printer to a Wi-Fi connection.

HP Printer Driver Installation(Windows)

  • Navigate to HP site and furnish your printer model before you tap begin
  • Once you visit the Downloads page, tap the Download option and wait for a few seconds
  • The downloading time completely depends on the wireless connectivity and it means that you should connect the printer on a high-speed Wi-Fi connection
  • Right-click on the .exe file and tap Open, Save or Run option to execute the file in your computer
  • Tag along with the directives that appear onscreen and wrap up the setup process
  • Now it’s time to visit 123 hp com site on your web site and finish up the printer registration and activation process.

HP Printer Driver Installation (Mac)

  • After completing the driver download from 123 hp com site, you need to execute the xxxx.dmg file available in the browser download
  • When the installer window launches, click HP Inkjet SW twice and tag along with the onscreen directives
  • Follow the onscreen prompts and you will notice the launch of HP Utility software where you have to choose the printer name
  • Click Continue and then tap Add Printer option
  • Be very careful while choosing the name of your printer and ensure that the printer has Bonjour listed under Kind
  • Now tap Use or Print Using menu to choose your printer name in the drop-down menu and follow the onscreen prompts.

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