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HP, though produces a lot of electronics, is profound for producing some of the best printer models. Their printers revolutionized the market, simply because of three reasons. One, the affordability, two, the ease of setup, and three, the features these printers come with. To know more, contact HP support number anytime.

HP Printer models and their affordability.

HP currently has four different range of models. They are,

  1. Envy model printers.
  2. HP InkJet model printers.
  3. HP DeskJet model printers.
  4. OfficeJet model printers.

These are four different models from the house of HP, and they are designed for different levels of printer users. The model Envy printers are mainly designed for being effective domestic printers. While InkJet models work for smaller office environments, HP DeskJet model printers are for personal use. The OfficeJet models, as the name suggests, are printers made for heavy-duty.

If you need help figuring out the right printer for you, call our HP support number and let us know your requirements. We will suggest you the right model from the HP’s model gallery.

HP Printer Setup

The first step in setting up a printer is to unbox the printer. After you unbox the printer, please set it up and connect the printer to the computer, either via the wires that came with the printer or via the WiFi.

But before connecting the printer to your computer, you will have to set the printer up. So, connect the printer to power using the power cord that comes with the HP packaging. After you plug it into the power, open the cartridge door and insert a cartridge.

Now, load the input tray with some paper. Please be sure not to overload it, because papers jam and the printers start malfunctioning if you overload your input trey with more paper than it can actually hold. It will align its printer head to match the ideal indentation. If it needs adjustment, you are free to do so manually.

Installing the device drivers

  • Setup

    Once you are done with the physical setting up of the printer, you must install the device drivers of the printers on your computers. If you need help, please call out HP support number, and we’ll walk you through the setup.

  • Driver Downloads

    Go to your browser, and search for your HP model number’s device driver. From the search result, select the HP page where you can download the drivers from. Click on the link, and furnish two pieces of information. Your exact printer model number, and the operating system.

  • Insert the CD

    Before this, make sure the computer, the internet and the printer are compatible with each other. After you enter the model number and your computer’s operating system, you will be given a file which you can download and install. This is the printer’s device driver. Alternatively, you can also insert the CD that came along the printer and installs it from there.

  • Software

    Downloading the drivers are better, because they are always updated, to the latest versions. So, go ahead and download the software. After you download the software, click on the software and install it. Run the software with the administrator’s credentials. During the printer, you will have to plug in the printer to your computer via the wire.

Please use only the wires and connectors provided by HP. Please do not use third party hardware. Also, beware of the software you download. After you are finished with the installation, please connect your printer to the internet. If you have trouble installing the right driver, please let us know via our HP support number.

Connect your HP Printer to wireless internet

If you are going to connect your printer to the wireless internet, just make sure that both your computer and your printer are connected to the same internet.

  • Press the WiFi button on the printer’s dashboard.
  • In the monitor, select the internet provider to connect with.
  • If the internet connection is a password protected one, please make sure to enter the right password.
  • After you enter the password, click on the connect.
  • Once your printer is connected to the wireless internet, it will take a few minutes to update its drivers and software.

After the update is complete, the printer is connected to the computer and the device drivers are installed in your computer, please restart both devices.


Once you switch both of these on again, you can print with ease. Just open the document, mail or picture you’d like to printer and click on the print option.

If you have questions on how to print a document, please let us know via our HP support number.

Please make sure that you have enough paper and enough ink left on the cartridge to print in the machine. Do not run the printer without paper or ink.

To make sure that you are stocked for ink always, just enable AutoInk for your printer. HP’s latest printer models come with an option to enable your printers to order for themselves.

They will notice your printing pattern, and make sure to inform the nearest HP vendor to ship you the ink you need when the ink levels in your printer hits a threshold.

If you have questions regarding HP printers, from purchase to installation to printing, please let us know and we’ll help you with your questions.


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